In fall 2012, Bonnier Tidskrifter relaunched Swedish magazine website with a new responsive design, followed by several other of the publisher's magazine websites. And the result has been fantastic.

"It's clear that the market appreciates our new high-quality ad environment," says Peder Bonnier, who is responsible for digital media at Bonnier Tidskrifter. "In January, we saw an increase in revenues of 160 percent compared to the previous year, and we easily surpassed our high budget goals, both when it comes to sales and profitability."


The focus of Bonnier Tidskrifter's site relaunch was to create an exclusive and attractive advertising environment that works well regardless of screen size.

"Despite radically reducing the number of ad spots per page in order to guarantee exclusivity, we've still seen an increase of over 44 percent in ad views, which means a drastic increase in the quality of our offering," says Fredrik Strömberg, creative director for digital media at Bonnier Tidskrifter. "Reading of articles increased by 140 percent and we've really succeeded in creating an environment that's significantly better for readers and advertisers."


Even the traffic at Bonnier Tidskrifter's sites has seen strong growth since the relaunch.

"We've had an all-time high for three of the four first weeks of 2013, with over 1.8 million unique visitors per week, which has established us further as Sweden's absolutely biggest digital platform for lifestyle journalism," says Robert Brännström, publisher for the Bonnier Tidskrifter sites.